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Get a 32oz Crowler filled with any of our brews currently on tap. Core Beer is $9, Hatchery is $11, and the specialty stuff from the Woodlands is $14.

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Whatcha Havin?

Beer TypeABVBeer CategoryPriceQuantityAdd to Cart
4205.7 %Core$9.00
IPA6.3 %Core$9.00
Mango Kush5.0 %Core$9.00
G136.0 %Core$9.00
Guide Beer4.0 %Core$9.00
B-Blunt6.4 %Hatchery$11.00
Straight up Gose4.5 %Hatchery$11.00
Goses Are Free4.8 %Hatchery$11.00
Mezcal Lover4.6 %Hatchery$11.00
Hop Scotch6.5 %Hatchery$11.00
Summer Sesh5.0 %Hatchery$11.00
Hazy Commitments6.3 %Hatchery$11.00
The Process7.8 %Woodlands$14.00
23rd Anniversary6.8 %Woodlands$14.00
Opposite Twins6.2 %Woodlands$14.00
Sinner's Son13.4 %Woodlands$14.00
Boysen the Foed8.5 %Woodlands$14.00